About Vineyard Digital

Vineyard Digital exists to provide a resource download site for foundational, Kingdom-themed, Holy Spirit discipleship – for churches, ministry volunteers, and individuals across the Body of Christ.

Vineyard Digital flows from the heart of the Vineyard Movement to the wider Body of Christ, and is born out of our sense of the sacred trust God has given us.

The resources developed and available here have been developed to carry the heart of Kingdom theology and practice, a hallmark of the Vineyard Movement, into the lives of Christians around the world.

Each resource available is specifically focused on foundational discipleship – meaning that following Jesus in His main and plain teachings, and living those teachings out by the power of the Holy Spirit at work in and through us, is what we believe being a disciple is all about.


All downloads from Vineyard Digital are subject to our Terms of Use.

You can learn more about the Vineyard Movement and our family of churches here.