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Vineyard Digital (Vineyard USA) & RightNow Media are now partnering to offer you access to the best Kingdom-based online materials at the lowest cost! 

Why is
Vineyard Digital unique?

Kingdom Theology

The theology and practice of the Kingdom of God was the focus of Jesus' life and ministry. We help you get from where you are now, to a vibrant life of partnering with the Holy Spirit!

Holy Spirit Ministry

Learn to pray for healing, hear the voice of God, and to be led by the Spirit in daily life! This is the place for materials that equip you for Holy Spirit ministry.

Online Studies

Online learning means you can grow on your time, at your pace. We offer you study tools you can access anytime, anywhere.

John Wimber

Streaming video and written materials from the late John Wimber, Kingdom practitioner and founder of the Vineyard Movement, are available here.

Spiritual Formation

Our inner life is formed, over time, by our intimacy with Jesus. We provide your with Kingdom resources to help you on your journey to the heart of God.

Download & Use

Download personal studies, family devotionals, ministry materials, and sermon prep tools – all in one place!

Vineyard Digital gives you easily accessible Kingdom resources that serve your desire to grow as a Spirit-led follower of Jesus.

How can
Vineyard Digital
empower you?

Individual & Family Learning

Vineyard Digital serves individuals and families with studies and devotionals that help you make progress as Kingdom disciples.

Preaching & Teaching Tools For Pastors

Vineyard Digital provides pastors with sermon study and resource materials, campaigns, and other quick-access tools for leading.

Ministry Volunteer Materials

Vineyard Digital offers you content for teaching – handouts, studies, and more – for ministry leaders and small groups.

Access For Everyone In Your Church

Our "All Church Membership" gives access to curated materials to every person in your church.

John Wimber's teaching on the theology and practice of the Kingdom of God remains powerful and inspiring to people serious about living out the message and ministry of Jesus.


Affordable plans for individuals, teams, and churches.


Limited selection of videos, materials, & studies.
  • Free Collection
  • Studies & Tools
  • Streaming video
  • All Church Access


Access for you & your family.
/ year
  • Wimber Collection
  • Kingdom-based Studies
  • Streaming Video
  • Kids Resources
  • Multi-User access
  • RightNow Media access

Small Teams

Access for up to 50 users.
/ year
  • Wimber Collection
  • Kingdom-based Studies
  • Streaming Video
  • Kids Resources
  • Access for 50 users
  • RightNow Media access

All Church Access

Access for your whole church + RightNow Media!
  • Access for everyone in your church!
  • RightNow Media access for leaders
  • Wimber Collection
  • Kingdom-based Studies
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