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The Journey | Youth Leadership Curriculum

Being a follower of Jesus, a disciple, is truly a journey of a lifetime. What does this journey look like practically?

Over the four weekly lessons contained in this module we will explore the concepts of what it is to be a disciple of Jesus, spiritual formation through discipline, the Vineyard Value of everybody gets to play, and finally the great commission to go out into all the world and be disciples who make disciples.


Weekly Topics


We are all followers in one way or another. But what does it mean to be a follower of Jesus? Following Jesus means more than simply calling yourself a Christian, it means modeling your life after his. This often involves sacrifice. Jesus provides us with the perfect model for us to imitate, and as we imitate Christ, we can then provide others with an example to follow. Discipleship is the journey of a lifetime, and there is no better time to get started on that journey than today.


Discipline is a difficult word, but when we begin to understand what it means for our lives, we can discover that in it is the power to be transformed, one day at a time. How does this happen? It starts with habits, small daily choices that slowly over time form themselves into our character. By setting aside time to spend with God each day we can engage with the Holy Spirit’s work in transforming us into His image.


In the Vineyard we have a slogan: everybody gets to play. In this slogan we find a value for teamwork, the same value that Jesus demonstrated for us when he called, equipped, and sent out the first disciples. A great leader is someone who doesn’t just do everything for the team, but instead empowers the entire time to be victorious. Each of us has been given specific gifts and talents which we can discover as we find our place in the body of Christ, and leaders whose job it is to help us to do so, and to equip us to succeed in our task.


Multiplication is what happens when one disciple becomes two, and when two disciples become four. Jesus taught that this is the way that the kingdom of God spreads and grows – through us! When we begin to live transformed lifestyles, it can rub off on the people around us, and open opportunities to share with, teach, and empower others to become disciples of Jesus. We were called to be disciples who make disciples, and by doing just that, we join with others on the great worldwide adventure that God has commissioned us as his disciples to embark.

  1. The Journey – Leaders Guide
  2. The Journey – Trailer
  3. Followers – The Journey, Wk 1
  4. Spiritual Disciplines – The Journey, Wk 2
  5. Everyone Gets To Play – The Journey, Wk 3
  6. Disciple Makers – The Journey, Wk 4


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