Wimber On The Kingdom Of God – Selections & Quotes

Wimber On The Kingdom of God offers selections from the writings of John Wimber on the topic of the Kingdom.

Wimber On The Kingdom Of God is a resource for those who want to understand more about the central message of Jesus, the rule and reign of God in the world. John Wimber’s life and teaching was shaped by his theology. The theology and practice of the Kingdom of God formed the center of John’s ministry, influenced by many writers who helped him to understand that the message of the Kingdom was the essential message of Jesus. For John, the Kingdom of God begin among us meant that everyone could experience the power of God’s rule and reign in the here and now – and do the ministry of Jesus.

Available to Individuals, Ministry Volunteers, and Pastors as a printable study.

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  1. VDM Wimber On The Kingdom Of God (PDF)


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