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Investing in Teen Leaders | Youth Leadership Curriculum

(This curriculum is adapted from Vineyard Youth USA’s Virtual Project Timothy)

We are all too familiar with all the ways we’ve had to adjust because of the pandemic.

One of those, for Vineyard Youth, was that we took Project Timothy 2021 virtual. The upside to this, is we are now repurposing these videos for you! Taken together, this is a great youth leadership curriculum that you can use with your whole group to talk about leadership, or with your teen leadership core. However it works best for you!

There are nine videos in all, split into two sections. The first section is “Leadership” and focuses on five biblical traits of a leader. The second section is “Ministry Training” and includes four practical teachings with a “how-to” approach to four common areas of ministry that leaders engage in.

A few of the videos also have an added bonus: worship! Since these were originally created for Project Timothy, three of the videos were used as night meetings with a full worship set from three different teen worship bands. Feel free to use that for youth group as well, or just fast forward to the teaching!

Lastly, this packet will provide small group questions to engage your teen leaders in after each video. Be sure to download the corresponding study questions for each topic. We hope you find this content helpful as you continue to raise up the next generation of leaders!



Week 1
Faith on Accident
Christian Dunn, CityLight Vineyard Church, DE / National Youth Director VUSA
Worship: Tehachapi Mountain Vineyard, CA

Week 2
Leaders with a Limp
Rachel Dawson, Greeley Vineyard, CO / Rocky Mountain Regional Youth Leader

Week 3
Servant Leadership
Geno Olison, South Suburban Church, IL
Worship: Mayaguez Vineyard, Puerto Rico

Week 4
Leaders Need Courage
John Elmer, Syracuse Vineyard, NY
Worship: Vineyard Church Delaware County, OH

Week 5
Leadership is a Choice
Michael Gay, Gilbert Vineyard, AZ / Southwest Regional Youth Leader

Ministry Training

Week 1
Hearing God
Christian Dunn, CityLight Vineyard Church, DE / National Youth Director VUSA

Week 2
Praying for Healing
Jared Tindall, Blue Route Vineyard, PA

Week 3
Sharing Your Faith
Scott Mailhot, Manchester Vineyard, NH

Week 4
Spiritual Warfare
Gabe Quintana, Arlington Vineyard, TX

  1. Investing in Teen Leaders | Leader Guide & Study Questions
  2. Faith on Accident | Investing in Teen Leaders, Part 1
  3. Leaders with a Limp | Investing in Teen Leaders, Part 2
  4. Servant Leadership | Investing in Teen Leaders, Part 3
  5. Leaders Need Courage | Investing in Teen Leaders, Part 4
  6. Leadership is a Choice | Investing in Teen Leaders, Part 5
  7. Hearing God | Investing in Teen Leaders, Part 6
  8. Praying for Healing | Investing in Teen Leaders, Part 7
  9. Sharing Your Faith | Investing in Teen Leaders, Part 8
  10. Spiritual Warfare | Investing in Teen Leaders, Part 9


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