The Lord’s Prayer – Praying As Jesus Taught Us


THE LORD’S PRAYER – Praying As Jesus Taught Us is a discipleship sermon series with a complete sermon/study package for a Sermon Series or Small Group Study on prayer.

Part of the How Is Your Soul? Spiritual Formation Series.

This downloadable church sermon series campaign comes with all the resources needed to support a series on the topic.

We highly recommend the physical booklets be purchased in bulk for your congregation (and for additional sermon content) at Vineyard Resources.

Terms Of Use


  • Sermon Outlines (7 message series),
  • Sermon Slides (Standard, Wide, Extra Wide),
  • Social Media Graphics,
  • Printable Postcards, and
  • Kid’s Curriculum


THE LORD’S PRAYER – Praying As Jesus Taught Us

  • Introduction
  • Week 1: Our Father
  • Week 2: Your Kingdom Come
  • Week 3: Your Will Be Done
  • Week 4: Give Us This Day
  • Week 5: Forgive Us Our Debts
  • Week 6: Lead Us Not Into Temptation
  • Doxology: For Yours Is The Kingdom
  • About Spiritual Formation
  • The Lord’s Prayer (A Fresh Expression)
  • Daily Examen


  • A perfect Discipleship, New Year, or Lent sermon series
  • An great digital gift for every member of your congregation
  • A great, turn-key Discipleship series
  • A complete Small Group Study on Prayer


To order physical copies of this item from Vineyard Resources, click here.


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  7. The-Lords-Prayer-Childrens-Curriculum
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