The Five Step Prayer Model


The Five Step Prayer Model has been used to train thousands of people around the world how to interactively pray for one another while listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Perhaps no idea is more central to what it means to be “Vineyard” than how we pray for others.

This resource comes with a DIGITAL LICENSE, enabling you to distribute the PDF, EPUB, and MOBI files to your entire congregation or small group (according to our terms of use).


The Five Step Prayer Model

  • The Five Step Prayer Model Booklet (PDF, EPUB, MOBI)
    • Foreword
    • Wimber On Prayer Ministry
    • The 5 Step Prayer Model: An Introduction
    • Step 1 | The Interview
    • Step 2 | The Diagnosis
    • Step 3 | Prayer Selection
    • Step 4 | Prayer Engagement
    • Step 5 | Post-Prayer Direction
  • Card (PDF)
  • A Social Media Post (JPG) (suitable across most social media platforms)
  • A Facebook Cover Image (JPG)
  • A Twitter Header Image (JPG)
  • A Postcard for Inviting Guests (Front & Back) (4×6) (ZIP)
  • Slides (Standard) (PNG)
  • Slides (Wide)(PNG)
  • Slides (Ultrawide)(PNG)
  • “Our Gift To You” Slide (Standard)(PNG)


  • Digital License for church distribution (See our terms of use)
  • Sermon Slides
  • A digital gift for every visitor
  • A great resource for Prayer Training Classes
  • A great resource for Small Groups


VDM media may be used freely, in all non-commercial media applications, in your church. Please see our full statement on Media Terms Of Use or our FAQ page for more details.

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  1. TFSPM Booklet (PDF)
  2. TFSPM Booklet (EPUB)
  3. TFSPM Booklet (MOBI)
  4. TFSPM Card (PDF)
  5. TFSPM Social Media Post (PNG)
  6. TFSPM Facebook Cover (PNG)
  7. TFSPM Twitter Header (PNG)
  8. TFSPM Postcard Front (TIF)
  9. TFSPM Postcard Back(TIF)
  10. TFSPM Bulletin (TIF)
  11. TFSPM Slide Wide Title (PNG)
  12. TFSPM Slide Wide Interior (PNG)
  13. TFSPM Slide Ultra Wide Title (PNG)
  14. TFSPM Slide Ultra Wide Interior (PNG)
  15. TFSPM Slide Standard Title (PNG)
  16. TFSPM Slide Standard Interior (PNG)
  17. TFSPM Slide Standard Our Gift To You (PNG)


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