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John Wimber | Teach Us To Pray

During 1985, John Wimber taught nearly every Sunday on prayer. The material in this extremely practical, 7 video study came as a result of that experience. The message & classic Vineyard viewpoint one finds here came from God’s blessing and leading. As you watch and read this material, it will strengthen your convictions toward learning to pray like never before!

“…over the years I’ve attended hundreds of prayer meetings and without much exception most of them were pretty pathetic. The people didn’t pray with much boldness, understanding or power.” – John Wimber

This timeless video series is broken into 26 thirty minute segments. Teach Us To Pray is ideal for group training and/or personal study on the topic of prayer.

Session 1 is free to all. For the complete course, or sign up for an individual or church membership.

Topics Include:

    • The Holy Spirit in Prayer
    • Theology Of Prayer
    • Binding Satan
    • Intercession
    • Praying in the Spirit
    • Birthing Prayer In Your Church
    • Prayer or Faith
    • Prayer AND Faith
    • The Present-Day Ministry of Jesus in Prayer
    • Prayer of Petition
    • The Lord’s Prayer
    • Prayer of Praise AND Thanksgiving
    • Unanswered Prayer
    • …and More!

The seminar is presented here with its original syllabus, including notes for each session and a 14-page prayer guide.

Download Syllabus

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