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John Wimber | Healing (Video)

Recorded live at the TBN studios in the 1980s, this in-depth course taught by John Wimber is based on the class that he taught at Fuller Theological Seminary – MC511 – and is a cornerstone presentation that examines healing throughout the Old and New Testaments & opens up how followers of Jesus participate with Him in healing TODAY.

This timeless video series is broken into 29 twenty-five minute segments. Healing (MC511) is ideal for group training and/or personal study on the topic of healing–physical & spiritual.

Topics Include:

  • Healing In The New Testament
  • Problem Teachings And Problem Texts
  • Healing Of The Body
  • A Position On Healing
  • Human Illness: 3 Basic Classes
  • Healing Of The Spirit
  • Healing Of Past Hurts
  • Healing Of The Demonized
  • Healing Of Relationships
  • Healing The Dying
  • Healing Of The Dead

The seminar is presented here with its original syllabus. Note: Syllabus is split into two volumes that each cover approximately half of the course.

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  1. Healing-Syllabus-Vol 1 (PDF)
  2. Healing-Syllabus-Vol 2 (PDF)


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