Gospel With The Poor – A 30 Day Generosity Challenge

30 Day Generosity Challenge

By Vineyard Digital

As we approach the holiday time of year, we want to set the tone for a season of giving. Our pre-holiday campaign, Gospel With The Poor (which lasts approx. 30 days), is specially designed to compel, inspire, and activate us all to Kingdom generosity. The 30 Day Generosity Challenge is a tool for engagement of everyone in our communities to be intentional in serving, caring, and loving those in need around us. Check it out and modify the idea for your church context.

30 Days

We can do lots of things in for 30 days; diet, read our bible, post a picture of the day to our favorite social media platform. What about being generous? Have you ever considered making a commitment to being generous with your time, talent, and treasure? How would your own life change, if you made the commitment to be generous over the next 30 days? Here are some ideas to get you started in creating your plan for 30 days of intentional generosity.

  • Give something to your neighbors – whether you know them are not – baked goods, gift cards, yard service, etc.
  • Give something to your church – volunteer for the mercy ministries in your church – sort clothes, work in the food pantry, participate in street prayer ministry, make care packages for missions teams
  • Give something to the needy – give money – beyond your tithe – to organizations that serve the poor domestically and internationally – Compassion, Convoy of Hope, a local charity for at risk kids, anti-human trafficking groups, etc.
  • Give something to someone in person – follow your neighborhood app – Next Door, etc – and engage in opportunities found there to help others – collect clothes for newborns, gather furniture and furnishings for displaced people, volunteer at a local holiday meal for the homeless.

We encourage you to take a risk during this giving season, and ask the holy spirit what he may be calling you to even beyond being generous. Is he asking you to pray for the person you just purchased a coffee for? Is he asking you to reach out to your least favorite neighbor? As you give, keep your heart and mind open to where your acts of generosity might lead.


Excerpts from John Wimber’s Gospel With The Poor; a Vineyard Justice resource available now at www.VineyardResources.com.


PASTOR RESOURCES are available HERE and include the following:

  • Sermon Outlines
  • Kids Activities
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Slides

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