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GOSPEL WITH THE POOR | PASTOR RESOURCES provides Sermon Outlines, Graphics, and more for a successful CHURCH WIDE campaign.

Sermon Series: Gospel With The Poor
Coordinating Resources:  Booklet ,  Selections from John Wimber’s  – The Gospel With The Poor

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  • Gospel With The Poor | Sermon Outlines for a 4-Week Series
  • Gospel With The Poor | Social Graphic (suitable across social platforms)
  • Gospel With The Poor | Promotional Slide
  • Gospel With The Poor | Slides (Standard, Wide)
  • Gospel With The Poor | Social Media Banners
  • Gospel With The Poor | Social Media Quotes
  • Gospel With The Poor | Bulletin
  • Gospel With The Poor | Postcard
  • Gospel With The Poor | Kids Activities


  • A turn-key church wide Sermon Series solution
  • A great connecting point with neighbors and friends
  • A perfect supplement to your Fall ministry through the holidays.

NOTE: This is a VDM Members resource (we are offering this special resource free for a limited time to non-members to see the benefits of VDM membership. Sign up today!)

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  1. Gospel-With-The-Poor-Sermon-Outlines
  2. Gospel-With-The-Poor-Kids-Activities
  3. Social-Media_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VDM-300x300
  4. The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VDM-300x169
  5. Standard-Interior-Slide_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VDM-300x225
  6. Standard-Title-Slide_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VDM-300x225
  7. Wide-Interior-Slide_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VDM-300x169
  8. Wide-Title-Slide_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VDM-300x169
  9. Facebook-Cover-Image_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VDM-300x114
  10. Postcard_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VDM-1-300x200
  11. Quote-Graphics_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VR-5-300x300
  12. Quote-Graphics_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VR-4-300x300
  13. Quote-Graphics_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VR-3-300x300
  14. Quote-Graphics_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VR-2-300x300
  15. Quote-Graphics_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VR-1-300x300
  16. Quote-Graphics_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VDM-5-300x300
  17. Quote-Graphics_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VDM-4-300x300
  18. Quote-Graphics_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VDM-3-300x300
  19. Quote-Graphics_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VDM-2-300x300
  20. Quote-Graphics_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VDM-1-300x300
  21. Postcard_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VDM2-300x200
  22. Postcard_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VDM
  23. Bulletin_-The-Gospel-with-the-Poor-VDM


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