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Who Am I? | Youth Curriculum

For anyone who has ever been a teenager, you know that discovering “who you are” is a huge part of that time of life.

What do I care about? What defines “me?” Who are my friends? How do I want to live my life in relationship to all that’s going on around me? To that end, we have endeavored to create a starting point for this discussion in your youth group. This certainly doesn’t come close to being exhaustive. But we think it lays a foundation of the most important part of our identity: who God says we are.

  1. Who Am I? – Lesson Guides
  2. Who Am I? Lesson 1 – I Am Loved (Video)
  3. Who Am I? Lesson 2 – I Am A Child Of God (Video)
  4. Who Am I? – Lesson 3 – I Am A New Creation (Video)
  5. Who Am I? – Lesson 4 – I Am Called (Video)


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