We Are One | Youth Curriculum

Youth – We Are One Curriculum is a youth curriculum series created by Vineyard Youth USA.

From Vineyard Youth USA: In the Vineyard we believe that God cares equally about every race, ethnicity, and gender. We believe that every individual is equal in His sight. But a question that many of us still ask is a simple but important one: How do we do life with people who are different from us? How do we interact with those who have different cultures, perspectives, and values than we do? The way that most of us will answer these questions largely has to do with our current values, the way that we were raised, and our life experiences. Our goal in this series is to explore questions like these on a deeper, more personal level.

Our hope is that this series will challenge your teens and give them the tools and passion necessary to better embrace those around them that are different from them so that the love of Jesus may be put on display through their lives. Isn’t that what we all want—for our lives to be a picture of the passionate love of Jesus? God created a world filled with diversity so that we may all be an expression of His nature, His beauty, His creativity, His personality, and His love. We all bring something special to the table. Christ charges us to value each other’s differences, all while viewing each other as holding equal value in Him. We are One.

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Lessons in this curriculum:

  • Lesson #1 – It’s God’s Idea
  • Lesson #2 – Equal & One
  • Lesson #3 – You Have Something I Need
  • Lesson #4 – Diverse & One
  1. Youth – We Are One Curriculum


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