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Spiritual Practices | Youth Curriculum

The spiritual practices (or disciplines) are the “trellis” upon which the fruit of our spiritual life can grow.

They are the daily connection to the love and life of Jesus that every believer longs for. Our hope is to introduce students to six of the practices so they can begin to experience the love of Jesus in powerful and personal ways. Each week introduces a new one, and gives practical tips on how to start on this life changing journey. The practices we cover are: Study, Silence & Solitude, Prayer, Confession, Sabbath, and Generosity.

  1. Spiritual Practices | Youth Curriculum (Lessons)
  2. Spiritual Practices, Week 1 – Practice Makes Permanent (Video)
  3. Spiritual Practices, Week 2 – Read the Bible Like Jesus (Video)
  4. Spiritual Practices, Week 3 – Living Above the Noise (Video)
  5. Spiritual Practices, Week 4 – Pray First, Not Last (Video)
  6. Spiritual Practices, Week 5 – Confession Leads to Healing (Video)
  7. Spiritual Practices, Week 6 – Give Yourself a Break (Video)
  8. Spiritual Practices, Week 7 – Better to Give (Video)


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