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Relationship With Jesus | Youth Curriculum

Video teachings with supporting written material about cultivating a personal relationship with a God who loves us.

At the core of Christianity is our personal relationship with Jesus. In this curriculum we will dive into the difference between religion and relationship. We will look at how to foster our relationship with God, and how to receive the love that God has for us. The speakers work hard to build an excitement and a joy around growing in relationship with Jesus, rather than a burden or a “to-do” list of religious duties. They also address some of the hard work that goes into relationship if we really want to see a relationship grow. Our hope is that your teens will be inspired, and find some tools, to invest in a lifetime journey of growing closer to Jesus.

  1. RelationshipwithJesus - Lessons
  2. Relationship With Jesus - Introduction (Video)
  3. Relationship With Jesus - Week 1 (Video)
  4. Relationship With Jesus - Week 2 (Video)
  5. Relationship With Jesus - Week 3 (Video)
  6. Relationship With Jesus - Week 4 (Video)
  7. Relationship With Jesus - Week 5 (Video)
  8. Relationship With Jesus - Week 6 (Video)


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