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It’s Not About Me | Youth Curriculum

The fast pace of life, and our culture’s values, tend to draw inward to focus on ourselves.

God calls us to love him, love others, and live outside of a “me/I focus.” This series will look at what it means to live selflessly and, taking the focus off ourselves, to live as Christ commands, with love toward others. We will dig into practical ways to put others first remembering “Its not all about me.”

  1. It's Not About Me | Lessons
  2. It's Not About Me | Week 1 - Living Selflessly (Video)
  3. It's Not About Me | Week 2 - Living With Open Hands (Video)
  4. It's Not About Me | Week 3 - Generosity Brings Unity (Video)
  5. It's Not About Me | Week 4 - The First Shall Be Last (Video)


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