Hearing God’s Voice | Youth Curriculum


Youth – Hearing God’s Voice Curriculum is a youth curriculum series created by Vineyard Youth USA.

From Vineyard Youth USA: In the Vineyard we believe that learning to hear God’s voice, and living in submission and obedience to it, is a foundational skill we all should grow in throughout our lives. Sometimes hearing God’s voice can start to feel intimidating though, or like it is only for certain people.

In this curriculum book we want to give teens the opportunity to not only learn about how God wants to speak to them because he loves them, but also to experience it and grow in confidence. Our prayer is that this will lead to a lifetime of living in communion with the voice of their Heavenly Father.

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Lessons in this curriculum:

  • Lesson #1 – Is That You God?
  • Lesson #2 – The Basics
  • Lesson #3 – The Five Step Prayer Model
  • Lesson #4 – Taking Risks For Jesus
  1. Youth – Hearing God's Voice (PDF)


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