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Empowered by the Spirit | Youth Curriculum

One of the core values of the Vineyard is “Partnering With the Holy Spirit.”

We want our teens to begin to learn how to sense when the Spirit is moving in someone’s life and calling them to partner with him. A question we ask a lot in the Vineyard is, “what is the Father doing?” This course is designed to help teens grow in their awareness of when He is working, their confidence in God’s gifts inside of them, and in their boldness to join Him in ministry to others. There is practical teaching as well as opportunities for trying out what they are learning. We think that God is going to do great things in and through your teens as you give Him space to work supernaturally in your group!

  1. Empowered by the Spirit | Lessons
  2. Empowered by the Spirit | Week 1 - Jesus' Kingdom Message & Ministry (Video)
  3. Empowered by the Spirit | Week 2 - Empowered by the Spirit (Video)
  4. Empowered by the Spirit | Week 3 - Learning to Follow the Spirit (Video)
  5. Empowered by the Spirit | Week 4 - What Does Partnership Look Like? (Video)


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