What Is Worship?


WHAT IS WORSHIP? will look at who we worship, why we worship, and how we worship – all from a Vineyard perspective. Then, those ideas will be woven together as you look at worship through the unique values of the Vineyard movement.

This resource comes with a DIGITAL LICENSE, enabling you to distribute the PDF files to your entire congregation or small group (according to our terms of use).

Download includes Booklet in English and Spanish.



  • Introduction
  • Who Do We Worship?
  • Why Do We Worship?
  • How Do We Worship?
  • Our Values In Worship


  • Digital License for church distribution (See our terms of use)
  • Perfect introduction to Worship
  • A digital gift for every visitor
  • A great resource for Small Groups



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  1. What Is Worship Booklet (PDF)
  2. WIW Spanish Booklet.pdf


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