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Vintage Vineyard | Session openers from The Way On

The way that God has shaped the Vineyard historically is the way He will continue to shape us in the future.

Originally selected as “session opener” videos for The Way On: 2021 Vineyard USA National Conference, these vintage Vineyard teachings from John Wimber, Carol Wimber, and Don Williams outline foundational aspects of Kingdom theology and Vineyard values. Each video aligns with the theme for a day of The Way On –

  • Equipping the Saints (Monday)
  • Power & Presence (Tuesday)
  • Justice (Wednesday)
  • Proclaiming the Gospel (Thursday)

More video and audio from the conference (expounding on these themes) can be found here.

  1. Equipping the Saints - John Wimber - Vintage Vineyard
  2. Power & Presence - John Wimber - Vintage Vineyard
  3. Remember the Poor - Carol Wimber - Vintage Vineyard
  4. Proclaiming the Gospel


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