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This month’s featured song from Vineyard Worship is “You Meet Me Here”.

Birthed out of a songwriting group from Mile High Vineyard in Denver, Colorado, “You Meet Me Here” was inspired by the themes of God’s presence and faithfulness from Psalm 139.

“The original inspiration for the song came from Psalm 139 and during the 2018 Lent season, and was centered around themes of God’s presence and faithfulness. Coming out of a hard season of struggle, disappointment, and discouragement, we felt like we could celebrate not just what God was doing to redeem that but also that he had been with us through the entire process.” –John Haas

“John brought this song and it fell out of us quickly and seemed to connect with our local churches in Denver as soon as we started teaching it. This song has scriptural truth as well as intimacy of “real life” lyrics that grip my heart every time I lead it or worship in my own living room with it.” –Anabeth Morgan

Co-written and sung by Anabeth Morgan, “You Meet Me Here” was recorded at Anchour Studio in Maine and comes with a toolkit of resources – tutorials on various instruments, multitrack stems, as well as a live-in-studio video of the song.

Download includes:

  • You Meet Me Here (MP3)
  • You Meet Me Here Chord Chart (PDF)
  • You Meet Me Here Number Chart (PDF)
  • You Meet Me Here Lyric Sheet (PDF)


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  1. You Meet Me Here (MP3)
  2. You Meet Me Here Chord Chart (PDF)
  3. You Meet Me Here Number Chart (PDF)
  4. You Meet Me Here | Lyric Sheet (PDF)


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