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This month’s featured song from Vineyard Worship is “Everything”.

Vineyard Worship’s latest single “Everything” is an energetic, uptempo anthem for the modern Church. Featuring dynamic newcomer, Liam Bernhard, on vocals, “Everything” pulses with echoes of Young The Giant and The Killers.

All that we’re waiting for
Jesus, You’re standing at the door
Don’t have to fight it, don’t have to run no more

This is where life begins
We open the door and let You in
You are the morning, You let the sunlight in

Like all of Vineyard Worship’s monthly singles, “Everything” comes with a toolkit of resources – tutorials on various instruments, multitrack stems, as well as a live-in-studio video of the song.
Look for these resources and more at:

Download includes:

  • Everything (MP3)
  • Everything Chord Chart (PDF)
  • Everything Number Chart (PDF)
  • Everything Lyric Sheet (PDF)


For more Vineyard Worship resources like this, click here.

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  1. Everything (MP3)
  2. Everything Chord Chart (PDF)
  3. Everything Number Chart (PDF)
  4. Everything Lyric Sheet (PDF)


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