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This month’s featured song from Vineyard Worship is “Eden”.

The latest monthly single is “Eden,” penned and sung by Ted Kim — worship leader, songwriter, and currently Senior Associate Pastor at the Evanston Vineyard.

“Jesus makes Eden possible for people whose lives have been distorted and derailed by sin,” says Kim. “It’s only in and through Jesus that our deserts can become gardens, that our winters can be fruitful, and that even death can be life – that we can find ourselves back to where we started, back home with God. Namely, reunion. Jesus is everything.”

You, our inheritance and great reward
You’re the one our hearts are longing for… our Eden.

Recorded at Anchour Studio in Maine, “Eden” comes with a toolkit of resources – tutorials on various instruments, multitrack stems, as well as a live-in-studio video of the song.

Download includes:

  • Eden (MP3)
  • Eden Chord Chart (PDF)
  • Eden Number Chart (PDF)
  • Eden Lyric Sheet (PDF)


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  1. Eden (MP3)
  2. Eden | Chord Chart (PDF)
  3. Eden | Number Chart (PDF)
  4. Eden | Lyric Chart (PDF)


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