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This month’s featured song from Vineyard Worship is “Be Still”.

Recorded at Anchour Studio in Maine and sung by Sarah Elmer (“Kyrie Eleison”), the latest monthly single is “Be Still”, penned by Jason Phillips from Raleigh, NC. “Be Still” is a song of hope in the presence of God in the midst of trials.

Birthed out of a season of suffering and tragic loss in Phillips’ church body, this song is an intimate cry of the broken-hearted, in the face of pain and loss, that we can be assured that God is with us.

“The God of the universe somehow, somewhere, and some way cares enough to sit with us, suffer and hurt with us. The awareness of this truth can bring to us a sense of unexplainable peace in the middle of the storms. That is the heart of this song.” – Jason Phillips

“Be Still” comes with a toolkit of resources – tutorials on various instruments, multitrack stems, as well as a live-in-studio video of the song. Toolkit can be found on

Download includes:

  • Be Still (MP3)
  • Be Still Chord Chart (PDF)
  • Be Still Number Chart (PDF)
  • Be Still Lyric Sheet (PDF)


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  1. Be Still (MP3)
  2. Be Still | Chord Chart (PDF)
  3. Be Still | Number Chart (PDF)
  4. Be Still | Lyric Sheet (PDF)


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