Vineyard DNA Study Guides


VINEYARD DNA STUDY GUIDES are accessible, 10 week printable (PDF) study guides for leaders and their small groups based on the Vineyard Resources book, The Vineyard DNA .

The Small Group Study Guides are a companion to THE VINEYARD DNA book, and help the leader guide participants through ideas on the the history, theology, values, and practices of the Vineyard family of churches.

NOTE: These can only be downloaded via a desktop or laptop, not a mobile phone.

FREE Download includes:

  • Vineyard DNA Small Group Study Guide (PDF, Printable)
  • Vineyard DNA Small Group Leader’s Guide (PDF, Printable)


VINEYARD DNA STUDY GUIDE (Leader & Participant’s Guide)

  • Session 1: What Is The Vineyard?
  • Session 2: What Is The Kingdom?
  • Session 3: Everyone Gets To Play
  • Session 4: Come, Holy Spirit
  • Session 5: Remember The Poor
  • Session 6: What Is Worship?
  • Session 7: Our Values
  • Session 8: Our Practices
  • Session 9: Toward Our Future
  • Session 10: The 5 Step Prayer Model


To order copies of the book, The Vineyard DNA from Vineyard Resources, click here.


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  1. Vineyard DNA Small Group Study Guide (PDF)
  2. Vineyard DNA Small Group Leader's Guide (PDF)


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