AUDIO from Main Sessions | The Way On: 2021 Vineyard USA National Conference

In October of 2021, we gathered in Phoenix, AZ for our 2021 National Conference, The Way On.

We believe God is positioning us for an exciting future together. As John Wimber used to say, “The way in is the way on.”  The way that God has shaped the Vineyard historically is the way He will continue to shape us during this season of transition. Revisiting Biblical texts that have been foundational for the Vineyard, we looked at how these Scriptures have made us who we are and where new expressions of these teachings are at work in our movement.

In our evening sessions, Vineyard leaders from our past and present drew from our history to lead us into the future.

We had powerful sessions with Tim Mackie of BibleProject via special video presentation, along with Vineyard leaders Cindy Nicholson, Cheryl Pittluck, and Daniel Mercado.

We celebrated the best of who we’ve been and heard from some of our rising leaders across the US.

Video of the sessions are available to download here.

Sessions include: 

  1. The Way On – Phil Strout & Jay Pathak
  2. Power & Presence – Tim Mackie & Cindy Nicholson
  3. Power & Presence – Steve Nicholson & Ted Kim
  4. Justice – Tim Mackie & Cheryl Pittluck
  5. Justice – Lance Pittluck & Ray Longwood
  6. Proclaiming the Gospel – Tim Mackie and Daniel Mercado
  7. Proclaiming the Gospel – Rich Nathan & Julia Pickerill
  8. Final Message & Commissioning – Phil & Jan Strout, Jay & Danielle Pathak
  1. 01 – Equipping the Saints – AUDIO
  2. 02 – Power & Presence – AUDIO
  3. 03 – Power & Presence – AUDIO
  4. 04 – Justice – AUDIO
  5. 05 – Justice – AUDIO
  6. 06 – Proclaiming the Gospel – AUDIO
  7. 07 – Proclaiming the Gospel – AUDIO
  8. 08 – Final Message & Commissioning – AUDIO


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