Vineyard 101


Vineyard 101 (Sermon Assets) is a graphics package for a complete Sermon Series or Small Group experience based on the theme of Vineyard distinctives, values, theology, or a movement overview.

These assets can be used for a series on any aspect of the Vineyard ethos, or any particular theme related to specific elements in our Vineyard DNA.


This resource is a Sermon graphics package download, provided to help you create your own teaching material on the topic of Vineyard approaches to life and ministry.

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  1. Vineyard 101 Slide Standard (JPG)
  2. Vineyard 101 Slide Standard Interior (JPG)
  3. Vineyard 101 Slide Wide (JPG)
  4. Vineyard 101 Slide Wide Interior (JPG)
  5. Vineyard 101 Slide Ultra Wide (JPG)
  6. Vineyard 101 Slide Ultra Wide Interior (JPG)


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