Run. Jump. Fly! | Kids’ Curriculum

Run. Jump. Fly! is a kids’ curriculum series created by Vineyard Kids USA.

From Vineyard Kids USA:

Take kids on a heroic journey more epic than any adventure, real or imagined. As heroes for God, they’ll learn to fight evil in surprising ways: by experiencing God’s love, surrendering to his will, listening to the Holy Spirit, partnering with other heroes, discovering when to stop and when to advance, following Jesus each day, sharing their God stories, and being transformed by his love!

What kid isn’t fascinated by superheroes? Edgy, colorful, and complex, they make big contributions to kids’ ministry. Their stories are retellings of God’s redemptive plan! With themes of transformation, identity, and life-changing mission, superhero stories illustrate truth—Jesus’ love and forgiveness restores kids’ true identities. They can be transformed by the Holy Spirit to join God’s mission!

The teachings in this series go deeper than typical Sunday School Bible stories. They challenge a kid’s “everyday” and use real-life stories, images, objects, interaction, and video clips to keep kids’ short attention “clocks” resetting back to zero. You’ll capture kids’ imaginations and prepare them for worship and ministry activations that will help them discover the only superpower that can change them into the heroes God created them to be. So, pin on your cape. Ready? Run. Jump. FLY!


Lessons in this curriculum:

  • Lesson #1 – Zacchaeus
  • Lesson #2 – Mary (Jesus’ Mom)
  • Lesson #3 – Woman From Samaria
  • Lesson #4 – Timothy
  • Lesson #5 – Paul & Silas
  • Lesson #6 – Mary (Martha’s Sister)
  • Lesson #7 – Philip
  • Lesson #8 – Peter
  1. Run Jump Fly – Kids Curriculum – Lessons
  2. Run Jump Fly Lesson 1 – Zacchaeus (Materials)
  3. Run Jump Fly Lesson 2 – Mary (Jesus' Mom) (Materials)
  4. Run Jump Fly Lesson 2 - Mary (Jesus' Mom) – VIDEO
  5. Run Jump Fly Lesson 3 – Woman From Samaria (Materials)
  6. Run Jump Fly Lesson 4 – Timothy (Materials)
  7. Run Jump Fly Lesson 5 – Paul & Silas (Materials)
  8. Run Jump Fly Lesson 5 – Paul & Silas – VIDEO
  9. Run Jump Fly Lesson 6 – Mary (Martha's Sister) (Materials)
  10. Run Jump Fly Lesson 7 – Philip (Materials)
  11. Run Jump Fly Lesson 8 – Peter (Materials)


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