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The Cafe Sessions (A Short Film) – Leadership & Discipleship Truths For Everyone

In this short film, Phil Strout ( Former Vineyard USA National Director) speaks to young leaders on a series of questions posed by, and faced by, today’s young people.

Watch this short film with your young adult group, youth group, or in your training environments.

Available to Individuals, Ministry Volunteers, and Pastors as a streaming video resource.


CHAPTER 1 | Finding God In All Things (00:22)

CHAPTER 2 | Finding God’s Purpose For You (09:52)

CHAPTER 3 | How Can I Use Spiritual Gifts Daily? (18:05)

CHAPTER 4 | Why Is The Bible Important? (24:10)

CHAPTER 5 | How Can We Live Generously With Little? (34:31)

CHAPTER 6 | How Should A Christian React In A Reactionary Culture? (37:14)

CHAPTER 7 | Why I Love Millennials (41:15)

CHAPTER 8 | What Would You Say To Young Leaders In The Movement? (43:41)

CHAPTER 9 | The Vineyard Is For Kingdom Dreamers (47:07)

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