COVID RESOURCE – How To Study and Use The 5 Step Prayer Model During The Covid Crisis

How To Study and Use The 5 Step Prayer Model During The Covid Crisis

One of the most important distinctives of the Vineyard movement is captured in a simple, four-word phrase: “Everyone gets to play.”

Coined by our founder John Wimber, and based on his understanding of the New Testament call to equip all the saints for the work of ministry (Eph. 4:12), this phrase set the stage for a unique Vineyard approach to compassionately praying for others.

We’ve provided a complete study you can do, online, with your church or small group during the COVID-19 Crisis.

The download noted below is free to you and your church, and includes everything you’ll need to do the study.

1. Download all the resources for the 5-Step Prayer Model Study here.

> DOWNLOAD THE RESOURCES. We have provided notes for the person teaching, as well as slides, social graphics, and anything else you need to do the study. The download is free to support you during this time, and we hope this resource helps.

2. Set up a livestream or video call to involve the group you’d like to involve.

If you’re doing the study with your church, we have provided slides you can download to share on the screen. You may need some technical help to do that.

At the very least, you can take the Keynote or PowerPoint provided, show them on a big TV screen beside you, and have the livestream camera on you as you go through the presentation.

You can teach all the material in one sitting, or divide it into these 7 sessions:

Step 1: The Interview
Step 2: The Diagnosis
Step 3: Prayer Selection
Step 4: Prayer Engagement
Step 5: Post-Prayer Direction

3. When you’re finished teaching, you can email your church or group the 5-Step Prayer Model card.

This is a nice little wrap up to remind people about the prayer model, and to encourage them to expectantly pray for healing for others.


Practicing The 5-Step Prayer Model In A Socially Distant World

The 5 Step Prayer Model is as relevant as ever during crisis times. Before we offer you the Study below, here are suggested “socially distant” adaptations to the regular 5 step model for use online, or on phone-based prayer hotlines.

Online: Many churches are using zoom or other online platforms to activate prayer rooms and times.

  • Activating the 5 Step Prayer Model is best suited in semi-private scenario. The Zoom platform has a breakout room feature that allows the prayer leader and recipient to practice the normal prayer ministry model in a private space (Skype is another option).
  • Ask the prayer recipient to sit in a position that allows the prayer leader to see them well.
  • The “interview” (Step 1) stays the same with the prayer leader watching the prayer recipient, listening to their need, and listening to the Holy Spirit at the same time.
  • As the prayer starts, ask the recipient to sit in a receptive position – palms up resting on their lap is common.
  • The prayer leader then follows the next 4 steps as usual – eyes open, watching for physical, emotional responses, following the Spirit’s lead, checking in with the recipient as to what they are experiencing, waiting and watching some more, and then offering post-prayer direction.

Phone hotlines: Prayer phone lines are an effective option during social distancing. The main adaptation of the 5 Step Prayer Model you will need to make is that you won’t be able to see the person while praying.

  • Ask the recipient to sit in a comfortable, private place in a receptive position.
  • Conduct the interview process and invite the Holy Spirit.
  • Prayer leader must focus on the sounds of the recipient in lieu of observing their physical responses – listen for crying sounds, affirmation, relieving sighs, etc. Prayer leader can then follow the steps as usual staying very focused on tone of voice and verbal cues from recipient.

* If you’re not familiar with the 5-Step Model, refer to material in the download above*



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