How Is Your Soul?


How Is Your Soul? (Sermon Assets)  is a package of multiple media resources for a complete Sermon Series or Small Group experience based on the popular Vineyard Resources booklet, How Is Your Soul?

This series on spiritual formation and the personal habits that help us mature in Christ has impacted thousands in Vineyard communities around the world.


Many years ago, former VUSA national director, Phil Strout, was asked a simple question on a regular basis, by one of his great spiritual mentors. “How is your soul, Phil?” would come the query, each time they would meet. That question, in the tradition of Ignatian spirituality, is designed to call you and I to give our attention to our intimacy with Jesus through the wear and tear of life.

How Is Your Soul? is an accessible 4 week study for spiritual renewal. Designed for each person in your congregation, these resources will equip your church members to engage with God in a rich new way.

Devotions Unpack:

  • How Is Your Soul? Examine your life; ask the questions of the heart.
  • How Is Your Family? Your first church; how can you tend carefully to their needs?
  • How Is Your Work? We work to give; how do we carry Christ into our work?
  • How Is Your Calling? Join God’s future; what is your part in God’s mission?

Booklet Includes:

  • An Encouragement Letter from Phil Strout
  • 4 powerful, weekly studies with ideas from Ignatius, Susanna Wesley, Brother Lawrence,
  • C.S. Lewis, Augustine, and more.
  • 4 Examen Questions, one following each study
  • 1 Daily Examen Tool, modified for today’s Christian
  • 1 Yearly Examen Tool
  • 1 Morning and Evening Prayer, each for daily personal use
  • A Keepsake look and feel


  • A rich discipleship tool for your congregation
  • An inexpensive gift for every member of your congregation
  • A lifetime personal renewal tool with a Daily and Yearly Examen
  • A spiritual growth tool from the heart of one of today’s most passionate church movements


This is a full-Sermon package download, including everything needed for a the entire learning experience. Included with this download is a Digital License, enabling churches to freely distribute the ebook to their congregation (this may only be done via email or other direct means, not by posting on public websites).

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  9. HIYS Group Study (PDF)
  10. HIYS Audiobook (ZIP)
  11. HIYS Sermon Outlines (PDF)
  12. HIYS Daily Examen (PDF)


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