How Is Your Soul?


HOW IS YOUR SOUL? is an accessible 4 week, personal study for spiritual renewal. Written for each person in your congregation, these series will equip your church members to engage with God in a rich new way.

This resource comes with a DIGITAL LICENSE, enabling you to distribute the PDF files to your entire congregation or small group (according to our terms of use).

Download includes Booklet, Small Group Study Guide, and other resources.



  • How Is Your Soul? Examine your life; ask the questions of the heart.
  • How Is Your Family? Your first church; how can you tend carefully to their needs?
  • How Is Your Work? We work to give; how do we carry Christ into our work?
  • How Is Your Calling? Join God’s future; what is your part in God’s mission?


  • Digital License for church distribution (See our terms of use)
  • Complete Sermon Series content on Soul Care
  • A digital gift for every visitor
  • A great resource for Small Groups



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  8. HIYS
  9. HIYS Booklet | Spanish (PDF)
  10. HIYS Booklet (PDF)
  11. HIYS Sermon Outlines.pdf


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