Following Jesus – Small Group Study

What does it mean to be transformed?

Following Jesus: An Easter Experience – Small Group Study is for groups, and is a study on stories of transformation from the Gospel of John.

Easter is a time when the global Church celebrates the pivotal event of our faith – the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. And beating in the heart of every Christian throughout history, during this same season, has been a desire to experience the transforming power that raised Jesus from the grave (Rom. 8:11) – the same Jesus we are told lives in us by the Holy Spirit, and is continually at work to conform us daily to the likeness of Christ (Rom. 8:29).

But how do we actually start that process, the process of transformation, experiencing the resurrection of Jesus in ways that change our daily lives and impact our relationships, jobs, and our entire way of being in the world?

Available to Individuals, Ministry Volunteers, and Pastors as a printable study with questions for personal and group spiritual growth.

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  1. VDM Following Jesus Easter Study (PDF)


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