COVID RESOURCE – Five Day Family Devotional – Generosity

Five Day Family Devotional – Generosity

The idea behind Five Day Family Devotionals is to maximize dinner time and other family moments during the 5 day work and school week.

Many families have consistent rhythms during the school week that differ from weekend time.

Five Day Family Devotionals were created to integrate with your family’s weekday rhythm. Our beta testers experienced good results in a dinner table setting with a parent or older child facilitating each day.

Others may enjoy a living room experience or other atmosphere. Do whatever works for YOU!

Each devotional has a progressive theme that builds on the previous day’s discussion. We encourage you to set a time frame and discussion format that works best for your family context.

These devotionals were made for PRINTING or viewing on a larger device, so you’ll want to do that before using the set.

This set of devotionals is on GENEROSITY – teaching our family members about being like God in His always-giving, never-stingy nature!

> DOWNLOAD The Five Day Family Devotional – Generosity

Blessings to you and your family as you connect with God each day!




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