Employee Handbook Template


The Employee Handbook Template is a general employee handbook template document that can be edited by local churches to suit their unique requirements.

NOTE: This document is subject to important disclaimers in the Terms of Use. Please read the section on Templates before downloading and using this document.

While the template is comprehensive and has been reviewed by a lawyer, it is only a template and is intended to be edited according to the Terms of Use.

Colors and style are in accord with the VUSA Style Guide. Source Sans Pro, and all other Google fonts, can be downloaded here.

Included in this ZIP are:

  • DOCX file of the Employee Manual Template
  • PDF file of the Employee Manual Template


Vineyard Digital media may be used freely, in all non-commercial media applications, in your church. Please see our full statement on Terms Of Use or our FAQ page for more details.

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  1. VDM-Employee-Handbook-Template (DOCX)
  2. VDM-Employee-Handbook-Template (PDF)


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