How Is Our Soul? – A New Year Journal Experience

How Is Our Soul? is a very special New Year digital resource, designed to engage and empower a conversation in your locale related to how you are doing – as a community – coming out of this year and moving toward the next.

John Wimber | The Cost of Commitment

Vineyard founder, John Wimber, shares the true cost of being a “Fool for Christ” as he illustrates from the parable of the Pearl of Great Price. By equipping the saints to minister, he emphasizes the importance of discipleship. John proceeds to chart out the course it takes to be a disciple-maker by literally spelling it […]

Soul Care – Video Study

Are there lessons we can learn from Jesus, from ancient Christians, and from the wider Body of Christ – that will help us nurture our spiritual lives over a lifetime? These concepts and ideas in spiritual formation, soul care, and personal discipleship are powerful and life-changing, helping us maintain a sustainable faith. Available to Individuals, […]

Come, Holy Spirit – Individual Study

The Come, Holy Spirit – Individual Study is for Individuals, and focuses on the prayer, “Come, Holy Spirit” as an invitation for the Spirit of God to move in and through us.

How Is Your Soul? – Individual Study

The How Is Your Soul? – Individual Study is for Individuals, and is designed to help a Christian care for his or her own discipleship life as a follower of Jesus.

Mature Discipleship – Video Study

Becoming a mature disciple of Jesus means the transformation of our character into that of Christ – over a lifetime. Phil and Jan Strout bring unique and helpful pastoral perspectives on various topics for the discipleship of Christians today. Available to Individuals, Ministry Volunteers, and Pastors as a video study.

¿Cómo Está Tu Alma?

Booklet, digital license, sermon outlines, and small group guide, designed to encourage, renew, and empower your church to live a life full of the Spirit’s love – and a life energized by the Spirit’s presence.