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The Best News Ever | Kids’ Curriculum

What started as a kid’s book has now become a six week series of lessons for churches!

It’s designed just for elementary kids. The lessons are about how much God loves kids and what he loves about them. Over the next six weeks they will discover, experience and know that:

  • God loves that kids bring JOY
  • God loves that kids can HEAR Him
  • God loves that kids can be BRAVE
  • God loves that kids can GIVE
  • God loves to give HOPE to kids
  • God loves that kids can be CLOSE to Him

We believe we’re living in a special moment in history. We’re seeing God pour out his power and love on kids all around the world. He’s inviting us to be part of what he’s doing. Spend the next six weeks spreading his love and seeing kids get excited about a powerful, life-changing relationship with Jesus. There’s nothing better than igniting a generation to change the world.

  1. Best News Ever – Format & Use Guide
  2. Best News Ever – Intro Video
  3. Best News Ever – Lesson Slides
  4. Best News Ever – Lesson 1 Materials
  5. Best News Ever – Lesson 2 Materials
  6. Best News Ever – Lesson 3 Materials
  7. Best News Ever – Lesson 4 Materials
  8. Best News Ever – Lesson 5 Materials
  9. Best News Ever – Lesson 6 Materials


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