Doing What The Father Is Doing | Jay Pathak

Take a deep dive into the Vineyard’s Kingdom values, history and legacy as we pray “Come, Holy Spirit!” In July 2019, Vineyard USA hosted the Come Holy Spirit national conference in Dayton, OH and Denver, CO. For two weeks, the Vineyard experienced the work of the Spirit through worship, prayer, and ministry as over 4000 […]

How Is Our Soul? – A New Year Journal Experience

How Is Our Soul? is a very special New Year digital resource, designed to engage and empower a conversation in your locale related to how you are doing – as a community – coming out of this year and moving toward the next.

John Wimber’s Testimony

Experience John Wimber’s personal testimony. Before his conversion in the early 1960’s, John enjoyed a successful career in music playing with the Righteous Brothers. In this humorous account, John tells how God drew him from the ranks of pagan-America into Christianity. He describes his first encounter with the Bible (“a book about Jewish people”), his […]

Hard Conversations – Individual Study

The Hard Conversations – Individual Study is for Individuals, and looks at how Christians can transcend and overcome relational divisions over issues in everyday life.

Celebrating The Tensions Of The Kingdom

Is the Kingdom of God now or not yet? Is the Kingdom only something that will happen in the future? Is everyone always healed immediately when they are prayed for (or should they be, and it’s their fault or ours if they are not)? Or should we defer all our hope for healing and transformation? […]