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Many churches aim their efforts, every September, at a special Sunday called “Back To Church Sunday.” Kids are back in school, university programs are starting up, and the vacation patterns that have taken such a toll on your summer offerings are quieting down.

Then, once Labor Day passes, everyone miraculously starts showing up at church once again! Not only does this reality settle in, but many individuals and families use this time to try out new churches, visit churches they’ve been curious about, and connect with ministries that capture their heart and attention.

Here are some great benefits of your church using Back To Church Sunday to reach your community in a special and timely way:

1. New growth.

With careful attention, good social promotion, and well-thought-through service experiences, your church can both attract and minister to the visitors and occasional church attenders coming through your door.

Like a good host, plan to meet them with a warm greeting, and opportunities to find their hope in Christ for their family life as they enter into September.

2. Strong engagement from fringe attendees.

Your fringe attendees will probably start arriving back at your church around this time as well. They are often doing this out of obligation, but that sense of need to be with others is a good thing – and we can assume it’s from the Lord.

Create a welcoming space for these folks as well, and by the way you plan the service, you can make them wonder why they ever became fringe attendees in the first place!

3. A purposeful push before the holiday season.

The holidays are another time that church growth efforts can be very fruitful. A sustained push through September and October can create excellent momentum for these new (consistent) church attendees to invite their extended family, neighbors, co-workers, and friends to your holiday services.

A solid and compelling Sermon Series through September, and October, can create an excellent reason for people to want to “come back so they don’t miss something” along the Fall journey.

4. A chance to engage the whole church – not just the kids going back to school.

One of the best things about Back To Church Sunday is that the whole church can get involved getting the word out about the new Sermon Series, and the ministry life your church has planned for the Fall/Winter.

With some long-term planning, a team effort, and resources like those available here, you can make the most out of Back To Church Sunday with your congregation.


Come, Holy Spirit is the Back To Church Sunday theme for September, 2019. Books and Journals can be purchased at www.VineyardResources.com.



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