Every year we have an opportunity to celebrate dads. Here are some unique ways you can celebrate every dad, everyone who has a dad, and everyone who may be a dad in some special way!

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1. Traditional Twist

There are so many types of dads in the world, and they all have different needs and affinities. Consider the importance of relationships in the particular dad’s life you care about, and what it would take to connect your dad with those he loves.

2. Relax & Refresh

Men tend to love to a) eat, and b) to relax in unique ways. Find out what is truly relaxing to the dad you care about, and provide the resources and the opportunity for a meal out, a movie, a fishing trip, a get-together, or even some alone time.

3. Gifts & Gadgets

Every dad likes different kinds of gifts, but you can become a student of the dad you love and find just the right thing. Some dads love gadgets, others love a massage, and still others love gift certificates or even… you guessed it… a card with a little something in it. Learn what he likes and aim for that.


REMEMBER, if you recognize dads in the service, don’t forget the following:

REMEMBER, if you are going to give a gift, have enough for EVERYONE. It’s worth the extra effort to include everyone who has the role of dad in your congregation.

FINALLY, it’s okay if you don’t go over the top recognizing dads! A simple mention, a thank you, and a prayer is enough! Do what feels right for your church and setting. You know your people best and make choices that reflect your church culture.