Life Made New (Easter) – Individual Study & Devotional

The Life Made New (Easter) – Individual Study is a devotional experience for the Easter season.

The Life Made New (Easter) – Individual Study is for Individuals and Families, and is a personal study or devotional on the experience of new life we have in Christ.

A dew-covered branch hangs low to the ground in a sun-speckled forest, moving slowly in the light spring breeze. As birds fill the air with chirping, the forest is abuzz with the sounds of new life everywhere – and the branch is no exception. Almost invisible to the untrained eye, one of the most silent yet breathtaking miracles of the natural world is taking place on that humble tree limb. And just like that miracle of a butterfly emerging, so too we emerge from an encounter with Jesus as new creations in Christ.

Available to Individuals as a printable study with helpful questions for personal growth.

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  1. VDM Life Made New Easter Study


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